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About: Sepati Ingera

Among one of the most fearsome tribes in Africa are the Masai.  The story goes that this warrior tribe greets each other with, "Kasserian Ingera", which means "How are the children?"  The traditional response is "Sepati Ingera", "All of the children are well." 

This simple exchange underscores the priority that the Masai place upon their most vulnerable members - their children.  If the children are well, then the society as a whole is well.  There are health, abundance, safety, and good will.   The priority of the entire society of Masai is to create an environment that cares for its children. 

Sepati Ingera was founded by Ginger Hopkins and Carissa Hopkins, July 1, 2019 and became Sepati Ingera, LLC on August 12, 2019.

Sepati Ingera, LLC is deeply committed to supporting learning systems desiring to innovate in order to help each learner soar.  We believe each of us is endowed with gifts that make us unique and nurturing those strengths and each individual’s passions is key for success.  While there are foundational skills and abilities we all need to develop, each learner will ultimately travel a unique learning path.  The journey may involve formal learning experiences, but will most certainly include informal learning experiences.  Validating and celebrating the achievements is what is important, regardless of the path learners travel.


Schools desiring to support personal learning need to evolve with intentionality and in a highly coordinated fashion.  Failure to align change efforts can result in confusion, anxiety, opposition, frustration, and inertia.  Sepati Ingera has developed a maturity model addressing many aspects that need to align during the school’s metamorphosis and provides consultative services to support system change.  We also embrace opportunities to partner with other organizations that support components of the model believing that leveraging each entities core competencies is what is best for learners.