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Among one of the most fearsome tribes in Africa are the Masai.  The story goes that this warrior tribe greets each other with, "Kasserian Ingera", which means "How are the children?"  The traditional response is "Sepati Ingera", "All of the children are well." 

Kasserian Ingera is the research and nonprofit aspect directly associated with Sepati Ingera.  Our focus is to address the need for additional research in K-12 curriculum and educational environments.  We believe that enrichment opportunities have not kept up with the pace of change in today's ever evolving world and that this lag has negatively impacted the quality of education available to our children.  As such, the most enduring way to fix the broken systems is to identify the current areas in need of improvement and dive in with innovative and comprehensive systems designed to support the learning environment. 

If you believe that every child is precious and has something to contribute, we've got a lot more to share.  Watch this space as we develop our vision and move forward with finding innovative ways to restructure and reinvent education.