Ginger Hopkins, Co-Founder

Ginger’s 35+ year journey supports her understanding of how learning occurs formally and informally.  She values the education she received at Cedar Crest College, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in mathematics and education, and her program at Wayne State University where she earned her master’s in public administration.  Equally, if not more valuable, though, was the experiential learning she had as an executive at Northwest Evaluation Association and ACT, Inc.  She served as a leader for marketing, communication, sales, product development, government relations, customer support, professional learning, and more.  As an educator, Ginger taught elementary and high school students, served as a principal, and filled a number of district office roles.  Experience in other fields of work further helped her develop an appreciation for the importance and transferability of competencies.  Her auto body work, experience as an auto mechanic, and time in the Air Force all helped prepare her for future endeavors.  


Mentors, coaches, and role models played key roles for Ginger, in addition to her education and on the job learning.  She also recognizes that motivation to learn and opportunities for self-managed learning can be valuable, having taught herself to play piano and engage in other hobbies, like doing stained glass.  With this background, she is a strong advocate for personal learning that is competency-based and mastery-driven.


Ginger credits God for the opportunities He has provided and the path He provided for her.  She joined her husband, Bob, in his ministry, helping to plant a number of Bible-based churches.  They are blessed with three wonderful children and a granddaughter that is the Joy in their lives.  


Carissa Hopkins, Co-Founder

Carissa believes strongly in lifelong learning.  She graduated with honors from Argosy University with a bachelors degree in Business Management and then promptly finished top of her class at Capella University with a Master of Nonprofit Administration and Management.  She believes that education is an effort that is taken throughout life and beyond the classroom.  After spending over a decade working in Informational Technology and the K-12 environment, Carissa knows that what drives the future is how well you connect with the heart-beat of the people you're trying to help.  Her experiences have helped her understand that there are a variety of outlets for learning.  As such, Carissa is also working on a project to bring science-based learning out of the classroom and into an interactive setting where everyone, regardless of age or physical/mental ability, can learn about cutting edge technology and new theories in the fields of Geology, Meteorology, Volcanology, and more!

Outside of work, Carissa enjoys playing den mother to her six cats and thirty-some chickens.  She is active in the disabled communities online and enjoys nurturing the heart and soul of those marginalized by society.