E-Learning Resources for Corona Virus & Beyond

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

(Updated June 17, 2020)

We have entered an unprecedented period in which e-learning has moved from an option that was "nice to have" to a "necessity". This period is creating a new landscape for educators, parents, and learners. Many companies, individuals, and organizations are offering a plethora of free e-learning resources for K-12 students to encourage and support distance learning. Resources that go above and beyond for e-learning are marked with a star (☆).

We know we've missed great resources! If you have any you'd like us to update this list with, please leave a comment or reach out to us via the Contact Us page! Thanks!

Age of Learning (Preschool - 8th Grade)

Amazon's Future Engineer, free computer science options (Grades 2 - 12)

• American Museum of Natural History, "Ology" Studies and "Explore" for a variety of science-based learning

American Panorama, visualize data through maps

Arcademics (Grades 1 - 6), Free Math, Spelling, Geography web-browser games

Arizona State's Virtual Field Trips

Arizona State's Ask an Anthropologist

Arizona State's Ask a Biologist

Babbel, learn a new language (K - College) Currently free for 3 months.

Bark (For Students & Parents), Introduction to safe e-learning and online practices

Big Universe (Grades K - 12), 17,000 eBooks in a variety of topics

Boolean Girl (Ages 8 - 18), learn to code! STEM.

Bunk (Grades 8 - 12), History-based, thoughtful articles about world events

Chalk Academy, Multi-lingual learning resources (Primarily Chinese/Korean)

Classroom Cereal, Grammar practice worksheets

Curriki (Grades K - 12), Resources in Math, Science, Language Arts, & more!

Data Nuggets (Grades K - 12+), scientist based data and research in a variety of areas

Discovery K12 (Grades K - 12), 16,000 lessons, eBooks, Quizzes & Tests in all standard subjects

Dr. Roger's Math Neighborhood (Grades 8 - 12) Advanced math explanation videos

Educational Insights (Grades K - 6), Reading/Language Arts worksheets

Education Modified, resources for special needs students (Spanish version available)

Exploratorium, Covid-19 science learning

FLINN, science videos and live labs & FLINN High School Science Activities

Great Minds (Grades K - 12), instructional videos in Math, Language Arts, Science

Hand2Mind (Grades K - 8), Math activities

HippoCampus (Grades 8 - 12), 7,000 videos in 13 areas

Khan Academy (Grades Pre-K - 12), Videos on a variety of subjects (ELA reading included)

Legends of Learning, standards aligned Math & Science games

Learning Resources (Grades K - 3), Inspire playful learning

Loving2Read (Ages Pre-K - 8), adventures for kids in Science, STEM, Math, and more

• MEL Science (Ages 5 - 16), Live Webinars & Library of Chemistry experiments/articles

National Constitution Center (Grades 6 - 12), eight-week series of interactive, daily courses

OpenStax (Grades 8 - 12) Opensource textbooks in Math, Science, Social Sciences, & More

PandaTree (Ages 2 - 10), daily Story Time in Spanish & Chinese

Phet (Grades 6 - 12), Over 650 million free simulations in Physics, Math, Chemisty, & more

ProjectExplorer (Grade 3 - 12), 250+ Free Videos/Lesson Plans

• Rubenstein Center for White House History (Grades K - 5) & (Grades 6 to 12)

Scholastic Learn at Home (Grades K - 9)

Smithsonian Distance Learning (Grades Pre-K - 12), expansive collection on a variety of topics

Sophia (Grades 9 - 12), take courses for college credit! Currently free until 7/31/2020

Varsity Tutors Learning Tools (Grades 8 - 12), a free collection of resources for standardized testing enabling students to increase scores. Includes interactive questions and flashcards.

Virtual field Trips (Grades K - 12), destination-based videos for Social Studies, Geography, Etc!

Virtual School Day (Grades K - 12), Incredible virtual classroom learning opportunities across 9+ subject areas. (Check out their science courses!) Many free options.

Virtual Summer Camps (Ages 5 - 18), Operating from June through August 2020, over 300 half-day learning camps encourage learning in everything from Minecraft to theater.

Walkabouts (Grades Pre-K - 2), Integrates movement with Math, Reading, & Language Arts

The above listed resources are fantastic, free, and available for anyone with an internet connection. Just the same, there are also a multitude of learning experiences that can be had outside of the traditional classroom. Bake a cake with your child. Take apart an engine. Collect chicken eggs or milk a cow. Build a Lego fort. Have a conversation about current events. Think outside the box. Here's a thought to leave you with:

"Support education in all its forms. Overcome the bias of the cookie-cutter approach to education which presupposes that all worthwhile knowledge can only be attained from a traditional setting. Challenge the idea that school is the only place to get a worthwhile education."

- Mike Rowe, 2017

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